8500kg Soft Shackle8500kg Soft Shackle
8500kg Soft Shackle8500kg Soft Shackle

8500kg Soft Shackle

MXE420 $24.95

Soft shackles are a safer and more flexible alternative to traditional steel D-shackles. A traditional D-shackle quickly becomes a lethal projectile if something breaks during a recovery. They require no tools or knot-tying skills, you simply feed the knot through the eyelet. It will automatically prevent the knot from pulling back through the eye under load. Once you’re done, reverse the process! Soft shackles also provide a much larger eye-diameter than a similar-rated D-shackle. Lightweight and hard-wearing, with safety to boot. 8500kg rated capacity using 8mm rope, with a 152mm eye.

Note: soft shackles cannot be used in place of D-shackles for towing and other constant operations. They are designed for recovery use only.

- 8mm diameter
- 152mm eye size
- 8500kg capacity
MXE420_Manual_Final_NoMarks_89752.pdf   [64.42kB]

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